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Buy this dress and stand out in the crowd

Buy this dress and stand out in the crowd

"Be the person stand out in the crowd!" This is exactly how I felt when I first laid my eyes on this Self Portrait lace frilled dress.   The lace finish, off-shoulder look, over the knee length with side flap pockets and frilled sleeves are just out of this world stylish.   I wore it bare feet wondering in the forest; and  also wore it to a dear friend’s wedding reception. To me, this is a timeless staple to invest in.   I styled it with my Gucci fringed sandals. And here, this can also be styled with a pair of Tory Burch flips flop.   I was able to find few fashion online sites that carries it with a 30% discount.  It sells REALLY fast.  I have linked both 2 sites that carry this dress ON SALE.  Stylebop has only size 6 available and Forward by else walker only has only size 4 available. It does runs smaller and I worn a size 4 which is a size large than I usually wear. If budget is not an issue, there is a very pretty cobalt blue available in full price.   Here is my take on investing timeless pieces at full price ---  the earlier I purchase it, the more I get to wear it.  Think the term "cost per wear".  I just learned this term from somewhere and it absolutely is the best mental therapy whenever I feel guilty on overspending.    In the end, life is too short not to wear the fabulous dress that absolutely makes you standout! 

Photos By: Roxy Yang www.roxyyang.com

Stylebop  $327



FWD  $382



stylebop  $545



Lord Taylor  $82

Lord Taylor


Saks fifth  $138

Saks fifth


Asos  $29



MACY  $178.99



A Very Affordable Designer Look Skirt

A Very Affordable Designer Look Skirt

A pretty summer floral dress

A pretty summer floral dress