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Holiday look One

Holiday look One

The Holiday season is just around the corner and I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite holiday looks. With so many online shopping choices, seriously you don't need to break the bank and look like a million bucks. I love how a sweater with some faux fur section gives you the warm, expensive and eye-catching effect. Have been eying on Stella Mccartney's sweater to be on sale util I found  this gorgeous sweater that is at a fiction of the designers.  It's only $49.99, almost too good to be true. I styled it with my patent leather pants. I am a big fan of mixing textures in one look. Of course the Gucci Princeton mules go with everything. And the dupe version I linked here just look so nice too. This red purse sold out really fast but I find a really cool cross body purse that is under $60. The gucci wool beanie is a must have wardrobe staple if budget is not an issue. It elevates any outfits. In the last picture I switched my shoes to a pair of metallic boots and it gives you a different kind of look.  Which one do you like the most? Thank you again for stopping by.

Photos By: Roxy Yang www.roxyyang.com

Knit sweater with fur section  $49.99

Knit sweater with fur section


Stella Mccartney $895

Stella Mccartney $895

Vinyl Jamie jeans  $100

Vinyl Jamie jeans


Patent Pants  $39.99

Patent Pants


Croc-effect bag $59.99

Croc-effect bag $59.99

   Orlo bag  $55


Orlo bag


Princeton Mule  $995

Princeton Mule


Jill Mule  $89.95

Jill Mule


Gucci Wool Beanie  $310

Gucci Wool Beanie


Ribbed Wool Hat  $14.99

Ribbed Wool Hat


Hale Bootie  $110

Hale Bootie




A Pair Of Side Snap Track Pants

A Pair Of Side Snap Track Pants